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I am what I experience. To capture the world I experience is to capture the person I am.


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Born in 1995, Lilian Mauthofer currently lives and works in Berlin. During her studies in political philosophy, the world of images as a representation of the current zeitgeist has always been important to her. Having been gifted an old 35mm film camera by her father, Lilian started photography while she was still in her young teens. The black-and-white work in the darkroom is still at the core of her work, reflecting on questions of self and other, social justice, empowerment and lust.

In 2016, the intersectional interests in both, politics and photography, brought her to Lebanon where she lived for 1.5 years and found herself capturing scenes from her daily life in a documentary mood.
Her works where shown in the group exhibition Vices & Validations (2019), a collaboration of the Lebanese NGO Haven for Artists and the Institut Francaise in Beirut. A solo exhibition on the series “Women’s Strength” (2018) took place in the Transitionhaus in Bayreuth.
In 2020, the photography series THAWRA was part of the 48h Neukölln art festival (Berlin) under the topic BOOM #systemrelevant.

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