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Lilian Mauthofer


This series is part of the 48h Neukölln art festival BOOM #systemrelevant (2020) in cooperation with artburst berlin. 
The Lebanese Thawra (Arab. revolution) is a feminist movement. Women* are the heart and the perseverance of the protests. With a collective consensus within them, borders between individual social groups are broken down and Lebanese citizens as a unity are taking over the streets.

The Thawra is cross-generational, fights together against sexual assaults, supports the LGBTQI+ community and supports people who live in poverty due to the financial crisis. The Thawra is full of anger. The Thawra is the fight for a just future and against corrupt politicians. And above all: Nobody has to feel excluded. The leitmotif of the protests: Kelon yani Kelon - All means all!

The fact that because of my own existence and privileges, the existence of others is so limited and complicated should be a reason for all of us to take over the streets together.

statement from artburst berlin:

Lilian Mauthofer's photographs document the power and energy of these protests: they show the strengthening aspects of empowerment for women*, for the oppressed and for those at risk. Thus the photographs deviate from the usual, largely Eurocentric reporting, which all too often reports on violence and chaos in the Middle East. At the same time, the presentation is based on the photographer's self-reflexive working method. She devotes herself to the field of the tension between Self and Other and addresses the conflict with herself as a foreigner in Beirut: What role and responsibility do I have now that I have stumbled into these protests?
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the presentation of the works are moved to public space and linked to a digital offer. The photographs are shown as posters in shop windows in Neukölln. A QR code guides the viewers to a website with curatorial texts, sound files and a discussion forum. This is intended to counteract the current feeling of isolation and to continue to facilitate the exchange about art. The photographs of the Thawra underline the importance of social cohesion and the strength of a group that stands up for equal rights for all. The presentation shows that adverse circumstances can be fought together. Even in a free democratic society, achievements must be defended and lived every day, especially in times like these.
The exhibition is accompanied by an exhibition catalogue that can be purchased.
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